You wouldn’t let your child use harsh chemicals on their face, so why would you put them on yours? 

The U.S. Federal Government, and later Canada, issued a warning1 about skincare products with HARSH chemicals but many giant corporations still sell products with them! SkinKick knew it was time for a change. Google-caliber scientists have innovated and figured out how to use powerful yet gentle natural ingredients to address your problem skin and skin concerns. And we’re not talking about using Tea Tree Oil, which is so 1999. Here’s the deal: there are safe, family-friendly formulations with powerful, natural ingredients that are effective at improving the appearance of your skin and that do NOT compromise your skin or your health.

Problem skin affects people of all ages, genders, and skin types–hurting their confidence, self-esteem, and quality of life. Worse, some of the most common skincare brands today use harsh chemicals that reportedly cause even more problems, such as depression and behavior issues. For example, Proactiv, part of a multi-billion dollar corporation, is one of the skincare companies named in the government warning that continues to use harsh chemicals today. So, why not try a natural alternative to improve the appearance of your skin instead?


Harsh chemicals are HARMFUL, plain and simple.

As a Chemical Engineer, I witnessed and personally experienced the impact of nasty chemicals on the skin and health. I want my children to be healthy and live happily ever after. I would NEVER put nasty chemicals on them. At SkinKick, we feel strongly about excluding harsh chemicals and toxins from our products. So we worked with a team of brilliant scientists, engineers, and doctors to prove that powerful yet gentle natural ingredients2 can be used to improve your appearance without the use of drugs.

Is the word “natural” abused by some companies?

Absolutely! The word ‘natural’ probably needs some clarification. As natural skincare “haters” point out, poison ivy is natural. True. At the other end of the spectrum, heavy metals such as copper, lead and silver are also natural. Asbestos that is found in talc is natural, too. Even mercury that some of us used as kids to clean pennies is natural. Remember how we were fascinated that it would absorb so quickly into the skin–only to later find out it caused severe health issues and was removed from the market. The point is not ALL natural ingredients are good and not ALL drugs are bad. This is why SkinKick is Naturally Smart® skincare. We use science and innovation to replace harsh chemicals and other harmful ingredients.
#Tip: If a brand is claiming to be plant-based or natural, the first question you need to ask is, “what percentage natural is your product?” If you can’t find it, just ask them!


Chemicals you will NEVER find in SkinKick products:
Nope. Nada. Never.

One of several harsh chemicals we will never include in our products is benzoyl peroxide. This chemical is known to turn to acid upon contact with the skin and may cause local irritation such as redness, burning, dryness, itching, peeling and slight swelling. In fact, the government warned1 companies against the use of it. Another harsh chemical, salicylic acid, can irritate the skin and sometimes even trigger a serious allergic reaction. Instead, SkinKick replaces these man-made chemicals with safer, cleaner ingredients found in nature that don’t have the nasty side-effects.


SkinKick – Next Generation Skincare

Combining benzoyl peroxide (used to for blemish relief) with retinol (used for skin renewal/anti-aging) causes a chemistry 101 reaction on your face. This chemistry fact has prevented products with the capabilities to do both from coming to market. Naturally Smart® Skincare from SkinKick is leading the next generation in skincare. Not only can SkinKick deliver both blemish relief and skin renewal benefits at the same time, but our skincare systems require fewer steps. Why? Because the extra step typically meant to calm the skin after aggravating it with harsh chemicals is eliminated! (Now, that is being #proactive.)
Many skincare lines often use 3 or more steps to address blemishes and breakouts, but the SkinKick Blemish Kick Duo system only takes 2 steps in 2 minutes, twice a day.



SkinKick is cruelty-free and made with natural, effective ingredients from sustainable sources, making it a safe + gentle solution that works for everyone—even for those with sensitive skin. SkinKick is not a drug and doesn’t claim to be. Our clean + effective products are designed to improve the appearance of your skin.



You’re already beautiful and you deserve clear skin + confidence. With your health concerns in mind, SkinKick is completely toxin-free and multi-functional. Naturally Smart® Skincare is next generation and available today for your evaluation. Let’s change the world one blemish at a time, together!
With #SkinKickLOVE,
Matthew “Matty” Schircle
SkinKick CEO + Founder

Want to learn about our unique natural ingredients and the impact they can have on your skin? Check out our ingredient profiles or evaluate our Blemish Kick Duo or Clear + Renew Kick Trio today!