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Welcome to SkinKick!

The story of why we developed SkinKick is based on my love of children and passion for life.

To understand why we hired one of the smartest skincare scientists in the world and sought natural ingredients to calm breakouts and renew the skin, you first need to understand my life’s mission: helping children in need.

For many years, I’ve worked with Children’s Advocacy Center to help abused children and bring their abusers to justice. Sadly, there’s no shortage of abused children in our world. Helping abused children live good, healthy lives has been beyond satisfying to me.

Fast forward to business: We were focused on developing all-natural skincare formulations that leveraged the beauty of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, where indigenous people have been using botanicals for thousands of years to calm their aggravated skin. Our skincare geeks were successful in creating formulations that clear blemishes and renew the skin, leaving it looking and feeling clear, refreshed and glowing.

We created a multi-functional Face Wash and Blemish Relief Lotion using awesome ingredients like cat’s claw extract and dragon’s blood resin and released them to the women in my hometown of Southlake, Texas. These women shared our products with their teen children and the stories of skin-kicking, breakout-beating success started rolling in. This was also my first exposure to cries for help from teens experiencing the destructive power of bullying due to blemishes on their face. These young teens were being given prescription drugs for acne so strong that they had to be on birth control to prevent pregnancy, since the drugs guaranteed a deformed fetus. It made me feel sick.

Then I met Abbey, the fourteen-year-old daughter of a close friend. We met three weeks before the start of a new school year. Abbey and her mom asked to use our new Blemish Relief products. Abbey was on the verge of tears as she reported that she had tried everything, to no avail. Abbey’s anxiety about returning to school with blemishes was overwhelming, taking over her mind and life. I agreed to let her evaluate SkinKick. The rest is history.

Not only did we see Abbey’s redness decrease overnight, but her blemishes were clear within weeks and it was like she was a new person. She had renewed confidence and healthy self-esteem. Alexa shared that “SkinKick is self-esteem in a bottle.” After using our products, she felt so empowered that she tried out for the school play and earned the lead role. She used to grow her hair long to cover her blemishes. Now she stands tall and tells everyone why her skin glows. I live for stories like Abbey’s and Alexa’s.

SkinKick is naturally smart: it’s made with natural ingredients by renowned scientists. It works for all ages and skin types. It calms breakouts and renews the skin. At SkinKick, we care about your skin, your mind and your life. Life after blemishes is very cool!

Thank you for letting me share the SkinKick story. We’re pleased to share our profits with Children’s Advocacy Centers to help abused children and with the Amazon Conservation Association to protect the Amazon Rainforest.


Leader of the SkinKick Family