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I suffered with adult acne at the age of 67. It was awful. I used every prescription medication out there. Saw skinkick on tv and tried it. I will tell you it is wonderful
honestly the scrub the blemish control and the serum excellent.


These products are very effective with outbreaks which I believe are due to mask wearing.

Love it!

Best Moisturizer for acne I’ve ever used. It smells so soothing too. I love it so much that I bought all of the bottles that were left at my local Ulta. About to order more on skinkick’s website. I wish the bottles were bigger 😭❤️

Clear + Renew Kick Trio

Love this cleanser...

Great cleanser and amazing smell....Love it!!!

gentle and effective

Have sensitive skin, so this lotion does not inflame my skin when applied on a blemish.

Cleared My Acne !

The only thing that’s ever consistently kept my acne away! Love this brand. The easiest products to use, there’s not seven steps or oily products - just a simple process with natural ingredients that leaves my skin looking as good as it feels :))))

Loving my glow!

I love this product! The face cleanser has a light natural feel that left my skin feeling moisturized & clean! I love the smell & feel of the cleanser. The glow serum is describable! I noticed a big difference in my skin after a couple of days of using it! I also received compliments from my family & friends on how bright & healthy my skin looked! I will use these products as a part of my skin care routine for the rest of my life!

Only Facewash That's Worth Every Penny!

Just got my second bottle! For years I'd been using the Proactiv face wash -- I loved how it would lightly scrub my skin for extra cleaning and exfoliating but then I found out about all of the harmful ingredients and junk I was putting on my skin! I had been searching for an alternative for a long time that had the same lightly scrubbing components, clean feel, and acne-treating properties and I found this SkinKick wash and I am just OBSESSED! It was marketed as a clean and more natural alternative to Proactiv and it really is. I've been using for over a year now and it's a MUST if you wear makeup. my skin has felt so much fresher, cleaner, less breakouts and glows more. It does exactly what I want it to, cleans off my makeup, dirt, etc and completely refreshes my face after a long day without drying, AND it smells amazing and comes from an ethical company. Love! Will be purchasing again!

I love it!

I've used everything to prevent my breakouts, even super expensive products. Nothing has worked until I switched to SkinKick. SkinKick has been the best thing for my skin. I will always use this product.

Amazing for mature skin

My son used Skinkick years ago for acne. I thought I’d try it for my skin. It is AMAZING. I am 63 and it leaves my skin looking much younger. My daughter complimented my makeup a few days ago an I wasn’t wearing any. My skin is glowing.

Found the one!

Finally found the products that work for my oily & acne prone skin. Traditional acne medication like salicylic acid & benzoyl peroxide tend to always make my skin worse. Glad I’ve found a system that cleans well & feels good!
1. The exfoliating cleanser scrubs well but doesn’t over scrub
2. The blemish relief lotion is absorbent & light
3. The glowing renewal serum is illuminating

Fast improvement and results on stubborn hormonal acne

I've been struggling with skin texture and hormonal acne for the last 5 years (age 24-29), and this is the first regimen that is affordable, easy to use/sustain, and works!

Happy Face

I love all of the SkinKick products but the Dope Kick seemed to gelp my skin even through Covid. Wearing the mask has made the bottom of my face breakout really bad & the regular step 3 lotion is great but doesn't seem to help the breakouts enough. I don't know if it's because I've used it for so long & maybe my skin is just used to it or if the ingredients in Dope Kick work better with my skin. Either way, I really like Dope Kick.

Life-changing skincare for me

Let me start off saying I was skeptical. Mainly because I have tried every product I could find to try to clear my face. Expensive products to store bought. Nothing worked! It seemed to make it worse. I took the leap to give this a shot. Having health issues and PCOS my skin hates me. I've been using this for about 4 days and my cysts on my face has almost diminished, my acne is almost gone, and my blackheads are clearing up! I have some spots left but it's actually helping! I'm completely impressed and shocked! But I have also been tearing up because for the first time in a long time I feel so pretty. I'm starting to love my skin. I didn't think my skin would ever look this clear again. So thank you! I highly recommend giving this a try! It's affordable and doesn't have all that nasty junk in it like many products do! I have my confidence back and I feel beautiful! I never thought in a million years I would feel me again and receive compliments on my skin.


Matty is the Sweetest Ever! I ended up calling and I actually got through to the owner. He was very kind about my issue and helped me understand what may have been the problem. So will try his suggestion and see if that works :) Thank You Matty!

Clear Kick Trio

I am really pleased with the Clear Kick Trio. The products are very light and after two weeks of use, my skin is clearer and softer! I will reorder promptly! Thanks!

Really great product!

I have been using this product for about two weeks and think it's great. Without makeup it leaves my skin looking fresh, smooth and bright. Under makeup it fills fine lines and looks fresh. I will continue buying this product

love this product!

I have been using this product for about 2 weeks now and I love it! It leaves my skin feeling cool and refreshed and it actually exfoliates unlike many other "exfoliating cleansers" I have used in the past. I will continue buying this product.

This is amazing

This is an amazing product if youre looking for this to stop blemish removal I think he would absolutely love this and I do too!

Love This Product

love this product and after using my face felt clean and refreshed!

Great Product!

Skin Kick 3 Step System Clear + Renew Kick Trio is a 3 step system that includes Daily Exfoliant Cleanser, Blemish Relief Lotion, and Glow Renewal Serum.
The packaging is absolutely stunning with a teal, white, and black theme!
Skin Kick is a simple and easy 3 step system proven and developed by professionals!
This product trio is paraben, fragrance, and alcohol free.
Skin Kick Trio is super gentle on skin. Derived from plant powered ingredients, Skin Kick Trio helped to promote and protect my skin's health. In under one week of use I saw dewy and fresh faced results.
Skin Kick's Tropical Haven replaces those harsh chemicals with plant extracts and that is what blemished skin needs the most! This trio of skin care products worked amazing with my skin type and didn't trigger any break outs or irritation.
My skin feels deeply hydrated and so much smoother as a result of using Skin Kick Trio 3 Step System.
This trio helps to boost firmness, smooth fine lines, and even skin tone.
The ingredient list includes an array of natural powerhouses, such as acai, andiroba, camu camu, copaiba, and pequi.
Very easy to use products that doesn't take up a chunk of your valuable time, this is perfect for those on the go or with busy lifestyles.
From my personal experience Skin Kick Trio was effective in clearing up my blemishes as well as controlling dark spots and dark under eye circles.
My radiant and dewy complexion goes to Skin Kick 3 Step System Clear + Renew Kick Trio!
I definitely recommend this product to beauty conscious women of all ages as well as those with sensitive skin issues.
Compared to other skin care systems I have used I find this one to be the most efficient and have the most profound end results.

amazing ingredients

I really enjoyed using this skincare set! The cleanser as well as the lotion both gave a cooling effect to my skin. The cleanser did a great job of cleansing my skin plus I love that you can exfoliate your skin while you cleanse. The serum and the lotion both absorbed nicely into my skin and did a great job of moisturizing my skin as well.

I love all of the amazing ingredients in these products, a lot of them I hadn't even heard of until now.

Wow, I was definitely not expecting results this quickly!

After just a little over a week, this trio has reduced the redness and irritation on my face so much! I'm still breaking out, but already many of them are starting to heal. Can't wait to see the results of continued use!

I've tried a few other facial care products�

I've tried a few other facial care products in the past but after using Skinkick clear +renew kick trio, I'll never switch to anything else. After just 3 days of using this product I could instantly see and feel a difference. The smell is wonderful also, no chemical smells like some others I've used. Will definitely be ordering more.