Kick Chemicals
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Finally, you can get clear, refreshed and glowing
skin without the harsh chemicals. SkinKick is natural,
so there’s no burning, itching, redness or dryness.


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Naturally Smart® Skincare
Powerful yet gentle botanicals from the Amazon rainforest

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Step One: SkinKick’s Face Wash is a daily cleanser and exfoliant that uses finely-ground coconut shell and botanical extracts to remove impurities and balance oil on the skin. It’s strong enough to remove dead skin cells, but gentle enough to use twice daily without irritating the skin. It smells great and will leave your skin clear, refreshed and glowing.

99% natural ingredients, including ground coconut shell, aloe, green tea extract, caviar, apple, grapefruit, cucumber and mandarin orange.


Step Two: SkinKick’s Blemish Relief Lotion clears blemishes while also soothing and renewing the skin. The lotion’s BeautySkin™ technology acts like a second skin, protecting from harmful substances like pollution and makeup while keeping botanicals in contact with the skin to enhance blemish relief and skin renewal.

99% natural ingredients, including cat’s claw extract, dragon’s blood resin, black willow bark extract, tea tree oil, acai, andiroba, camu-camu, copaiba, pequi oil and passion fruit.


People Love Us

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“I’ve been using Skin Kick for 2 months and absolutely love it. The product makes my skin feel smooth and fresh and it’s helped control my acne. My favorite part is that there are no harsh chemicals and it is 100% natural! I recommend it to everyone”

– Kelsey Morlan

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“We love this product! I started my daughter on this product after we had tried EVERYTHING else and were headed down the dangerous path of doing Accutane.”

– Connie A. Morris

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“I have been using Proactiv for 15 years and I have experienced good results, however Proactiv sometimes irritated my skin and dried my skin out. I switched to Skinkick 90 days ago and I am happy with the results. The dryness and irritation to my skin has been significantly reduced. I recommend Skinkick to all my friends!”

– Kiera Biggers

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee